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"Weed out the bad" and in with the New You !

People spend time and money and the strongest effort keeping their homes, clothes and kids clean and tidy. We are concerned about germs getting into our food and small critters into our beds.

But what about our internal disposal systems and the inner workings of our body, how clean is it?

Are we clean on the inside? What if we have nice and shiny external surfaces and tons of gunge on the inside?

Tell you what...if we are dirty on the inside; sooner or later it will show outside.

There are a couple of toxins that we should be really concerned about inside the body:

    1 - The Waste produced in the body as a by-product of metabolism – the cells take in nutrients and spill wastes, like little microcosms of our body itself.

    2 - Toxins absorbed from food and drink making their way through the lungs and skin – pollutants from the outside world.

Especially pollutants from drugs and medications.

These toxins have to be removed from the body, and the correct procedure is that they leave via one of three main exit routes: the bowel, the urinary tract and the lungs.

These exit routes then are of prime importance. If any of them are not working properly the toxic burden in the body will rise. A particularly common problem is a sluggish bowel!

The body has a couple of ‘emergency exits to use if the main exits are blocked or sluggish; it can push toxins out through the skin, the mucous membranes and, in women, the menstrual blood.

The lymphatic system will also have to deal with more toxins than usual and may become sluggish, causing recurrent swelling of the glands.

Thus, people whose exits have become bottlenecked are more likely to have skin problems, catarrhal congestion,heavy periods,get cystitis and other urinary tract infections (UTIs) more easily, and feel lethargic and run down as their liver, one of the sources for energy production, struggles to cope with the recycled toxins.

They can even develop cancer or other diseases. The ability to perform on a high level is impaired and some jobs just will not tolerate such abuse as it affects your ability to make good decisions. For those that are marijuana smokers you may want to cleanse your body. You may say...

It's a plant, so it's natural, and natural is always good-right? Think again, because both natural and synthetic versions of marijuana can cause a long-lasting, negative impact on your developing brain. There is a proven training method to completely rid your body of the toxins and chemical called THC (tretrahydrocannabinol), which moves quickly through the bloodstream to the brain and other organs throughout the body.

There is a powerful and quick training method for passing a drug screening test and detoxing your body which means a cleaner you and will keep your body sparkling clean on the inside and will therefore enable you to present a new pristine exterior for the world to see.

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